3V Sigma

3V Group began in Bergamo, Italy in the 1950’s under the name SIGMA – a chemical company focused on the manufacture of chemicals for the textile industry. Since then, continuous innovations, a forward-looking vision for the business and strong technical know-how have been the main factors that have driven the company to expand into many other fields.

During the 1980’s, 3V faced the exciting challenges of establishing a new production center in the United States and a commercial presence across all continents. The globalization of markets and subsequent economic changes now dictate the need for an international businesses to address local realities and challenges from a unified, strategic platform that offers local entities advanced technology and service with personalized attention. Therefore, 3V Sigma and all of its sister companies have been brought together under one corporate identity – the 3V Group worldwide.

In addition to the chemical branch, the Group also includes a mechanical branch, 3V Cogeim, which is a manufacturer of equipment (reactors, filters, dryers) for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 3V Glass Coat specializes in the manufacture of glass-line reactors and 3V Mabo manufactures short-path dryers. Finally, a focus on environmental concerns and a desire for sustainable development have resulted in an ecological branch, 3V Green Eagle, which is a company that specializes in the treatment of wastewater and muds using the most modern and efficient technologies available.

Today, the 3V Group is a consolidated, multinational, dynamic entity operating in a variety of fields, positioned to meet all the challenges of the future.